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Asphalt Tennis Court Sacramento

Tennis Court Construction Sacramento - Tennis Court Resurfacing

Sacramento Asphlat and Paving will design the most innovative asphalt tennis court construction plan for you! We will incorporate new advancements in tennis court construction that will allow for a safer more user friendly experience. Enjoy a comfortable, safe surface, ideal for backyard and professional asphalt tennis courts. What you are looking for is a thick surface that will reduce your overall fatigue. we will provide unique asphalt tennis court construction designs for you at an affordable price!

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Asphalt Tennis Court in Sacramento
New Tennis Court Construction Sacramento, Tennis Court Resurfacing

Here at Sacramento Asphlat and Paving Sacramento tennis court resurfacing and New Tennis court construction is one of the many services we specialize in. If you are looking for an Indoor Tennis Court in Sacramento or outdoor tennis court construction we can help! Every time our tennis court construction specifications are level, and we can color them to your exact look and feel. Indoor tennis court construction is a little different than outdoor tennis court construction being that there are many different factors that go into the actual design and implementation. Asphalt tennis court construction in Sacramento by Sacramento Asphlat and Paving is the safe bet! Give us a call toady and we will help you design the tennis court of your dreams!

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New Tennis Court Construction Sacramento,

Tennis Court Types and Styles

Hard Asphalt or Concrete Tennis Court

The most common tennis court your will come across in an asphalt tennis court. Asphalt Tennis Courts are allow for more flexibility and ease of use. Other hard types of  tennis courts can include cement or plastic. The Hard surfaces on an Asphalt or Cement tennis court have the advantage of giving the ball the most predictable bounce. If you are looking for an asphalt tennis court in Sacramento give us a call we are your tennis court contractor of choice!

Hard Asphalt or Concrete Tennis Court Construction

Clay Tennis Court Construction

Ranging from gray, to green, and even red. Clay type tennis courts  are slow because the ball bounces slowly and has less forward motion.

Grass Tennis Court

Having a surface that is more slippery than asphalt or concrete tennis courts, which will cause the ball to bounce lower and slide more. These tennis court surfaces are rarely used because they are more expensive to maintain. With asphalt or concrete tennis courts you will be looking at much less money to keep it clean and performing.

Carpet Tennis Court

Very hit or miss. If you are looking for a carpet tennis court then you must know they are very un predictable when playing a game of tennis. It all depends on the texture, thickness, and materials used to make the carpet. These are most often used as indoor tennis court.

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