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Sacramento Asphalt ADA Compliance, ADA Asphalt Sacramento

The Americans Disabilities Act (ADA) needs to be put in place in all commercial buildings with asphalt where business is being done. All asphalt facilities, including hotels, motels, and shopping centers constructed after January 26, 1993 with asphalt  must be accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities.

In addition, existing facilities must undertake readily achievable barrier removal to comply with the Act. Sacramento Asphalt and Paving has over 30 years experience in exterior ADA asphalt upgrade renovations for major hotels, motels, and shopping center chains and commercial properties. We also understand the requirements that are necessary for compliance.

With strict adherence to all ADA guidelines including grade, signage, path-of-travel accessibility, cane detection, handrail fabrication and installation, and truncated dome warning panels for the blind, be sure to hire Sacramento Asphalt and Paving.

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